Cast Iron Recycling

Newport Metal Recycling is a leader in the cast iron processing and recycling industry. With four generations of industry knowledge, our expertise offers our customers a distinct advantage when working with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We provide a full range of processing and recycling services for all metals, coupled with a worldwide network of resellers and brokers that provides a marketplace for processed metals, supplying foundries and mills worldwide.

Cast iron is one of the most widely used metals throughout industry and is 100% recyclable. Recycled cast iron is a cost-effective material, as it is easily recoverable and processed for reuse. Newport Metal processes all alloys and forms of cast iron, including:

  • Engine and motor parts, including engine blocks, brake drums, disc rotors

  • Stampings and castings

  • Process equipment including boilers, baths and vessels

  • Production waste, including slag, solids, cut-offs, rejects, turnings and chips.

Our processing yards have the capacity to process all volumes of materials, from one-time processing for obsolete heat processing equipment to high volume processing for metalworking operations. Our specialized equipment can process different source materials effectively and efficiently, providing the maximum recovered materials. Newport has the capabilities to size recovered materials to requirements for reuse or resale.

We provide recycling and recovery services onsite or at our yards and offer pick-up for small loads through containers. We provide the safest possible operations, whether we are working on your site or in our yards.

The experienced staff at Newport Metal will partner with you to determine the most effective recycling options and programs to meet your needs. Whether you are recycling high volume production waste or automotive scrap, we will work with you to design an effective program to efficiently process your materials, recover and recycle the cast iron and other metals. Using our broker network, we will assist you in realizing the maximum value of your recycled materials.

Newport Metal Recycling promotes a transparent business model that ensures your recycled metals meet or exceed your specified standards at the best price. We even go so far as to use third-party scales for irrefutable accuracy. That's what we like to call built-in accountability, and it means you'll always know you're getting the most for your money.

We continue to expand our capabilities to provide our customers with the most efficient, most complete cast iron recycling operations. You can be assured that you will realize the highest value possible for your recycled cast iron.

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